Investing in a swimming pool fence

pool fenceYou have worked hard and now you own your dream home with picture perfect pool but you need to meet your legal requirements and have a pool fence that meets your areas pool safety laws. It would be a real shame to let down your properties appearance with a shabby fence. Luckily for you there are some amazing options out there that are both sophisticated and safe.


This is a very specialised type of fence but it looks amazing. It will need to be over a certain height to meet regulations and may not be installed in some bush prone areas. This is definitely not a great one for the DIY types as it can be very difficult to work with.


This is one of the most stylish pool fences on the market. You can get a wide range of finishes and you also have the option of frameless or framed glass. These fences not only look great they are super strong, they do not rust and they allow you a perfect view of your pool and anyone swimming in it.


This is an affordable and durable option that is very easy to work with. This is probably the most practical option for the DIY fan and comes pre painted in a wide range of colours.


This again is an incredibly affordable and easy option for the DIY types. You can paint it any colour to match your property.

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