4 Signs Your Roof Needs Restoration

The roof is a crucial part of your home. It protects your family and everything in the house from harsh weather elements, among other factors. Roofs, however, have a lifespan after which they need to be replaced or restored for optimal performance. Although most roofs will have a lifespan of around 20 years or more, there are times when you need to call a professional roofer to handle repairs and minor servicing. Some signs of roof damage, however, indicate it is time for a new roof. Some of the signs to watch out for are outlined below.

1. Missing Or Damaged Shingles
Any signs of missing curled up, or cracked shingles is a key indicator that your roof is approaching its end of life. Missing or curled shingled might result in roof leaks hence should be addressed immediately. Although you can have the missing or curled shingled replaced, it might be time you started saving or planning for a new roof.

signs_that_your_roof_needs_a roof restoration

2. Shingle Granules in the Gutters
Gutters are meant to direct water away from the house and into a storage tank or drainage system. For this reason, homeowners need to keep their gutters clean and clear of debris by cleaning them at least once every two months. If going on with your gutter-cleaning routine and notice lots of shingle granules in the gutters, it’s time to think of roof restoration. Shingles shed granules similar to black sand when approaching the end of life.

3. Moisture Issues In The Attic
Moisture in the attic might be an indicator that the roof is leaky. While this might be due to faulty or missing flashing, a leaky roof will even lead to pools of water in the attic. Be sure to inspect the attic extensively, check the insulations, as well as the roof itself to determine the main problem. Most moisture issues in the attic are easy to resolve, while others indicate a faulty or aging roof.

4. A Sagging Roof Deck
A sagging deck is every homeowner worst dream. A sagging deck is a sure indicator that something is completely wrong with the roof, and calls for immediate action. The roof’s structural integrity might be already compromised, leaving everyone in the house at risk. One needs to be careful with such, and call a professional roofer immediately to help contain the problem before it escalates farther.

These are just but some of the common signs that your roof requires restoration. While you might be tempted to do it yourself, experts recommend hiring a professional roofer to take care of the entire process.